Get all sites of a specific template with PowerShell

The following script gets all the sites of a specific template in a web application and writes the URLs on the screen and saves them in a text file. In this example it searches for all team sites (WebTemplateId=1). To get the sites of another OOTB or custom template use the ID or the name of that template.

All sites are checked no matter the level because SPSite.AllWebs gets the collection of all Web sites that are contained within the site collection, including the top-level site and its subsides.

Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell –erroraction SilentlyContinue

$webTemplateId = 1
$filePath = C:\AllSites.txt
$webApplication = Get-SPWebApplication http://webApplicationUrl
$sites = $webApplication.Sites
foreach ($site in $sites)
        foreach ($web in $site.AllWebs)
                if ($web.WebTemplateId -eq $webTemplateId) # or use ($web.WebTemplate -eq "STS")
                    Write-Host $web.Url
                    $web.Url | Out-File -FilePath $filePath -Append -Width 256
        if($site -ne $null)

Here are the values of WebTemplateId and the name of out-of-the-box templates in SharePoint 2010. Most of them have the same value for SharePoint 2013 too.

ID Name
0 GLOBAL#0 Global template
1 STS#0 Team Site
1 STS#1 Blank Site
1 STS#2 Document Workspace
2 MPS#0 Basic Meeting Workspace
2 MPS#1 Blank Meeting Workspace
2 MPS#2 Decision Meeting Workspace
2 MPS#3 Social Meeting Workspace
2 MPS#4 Multipage Meeting Workspace
3 CENTRALADMIN#0 Central Admin Site
4 WIKI#0 Wiki Site
9 BLOG#0 Blog
15 SGS#0 Group Work Site
16 TENANTADMIN#0 Tenant Admin Site
2764 ACCSRV#0 Access Services Site
2764 ACCSRV#1 Assets Web Database
2764 ACCSRV#3 Charitable Contributions
2764 ACCSRV#4 Contacts Web Database
2764 ACCSRV#6 Issues Web Database
7 BDR#0 Document Center
14483 OFFILE#0 (obsolete) Records Center
14483 OFFILE#1 Records Center
40 OSRV#0 Shared Services
3100 PPSMASite#0 PerformancePoint
3200 BICenterSite#0 Business Intelligence Center
20 SPS#0 SharePoint Portal Server Site
21 SPSPERS#0 SharePoint Portal Server
22 SPSMSITE#0 Personalization Site
30 SPSTOC#0 Contents area Template
31 SPSTOPIC#0 Topic area template
32 SPSNEWS#0 News Site
39 CMSPUBLISHING#0 Publishing Site
53 BLANKINTERNET#0 Publishing Site
53 BLANKINTERNET#1 Press Releases Site
53 BLANKINTERNET#2 Publishing Site with Workflow
33 SPSNHOME#0 News Site
34 SPSSITES#0 Site Directory
36 SPSCOMMU#0 Community area template
38 SPSREPORTCENTER#0 Report Center
47 SPSPORTAL#0 Collaboration Portal
50 SRCHCEN#0 Enterprise Search Center
51 PROFILES#0 Profiles
54 SPSMSITEHOST#0 My Site Host
56 ENTERWIKI#0 Enterprise Wiki
90 SRCHCENTERLITE#0 Basic Search Center
90 SRCHCENTERLITE#1 Basic Search Center
2000 SRCHCENTERFAST#0 FAST Search Center
61 visprus#0 Visio Process Repository

2 Responses to Get all sites of a specific template with PowerShell

  1. Nice script!

    You forgot to call the variable into the if statement, should be:
    if ($web.WebTemplateId -eq $webTemplateId)

    Also, the filename needed quotes for me, I used my current directory maybe that’s why:
    $filePath = “AllSites.txt”

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