Hide ‘Recently Modified’ from Quick Launch

When opening Wiki pages in the quick launch ‘Recently Modified’ is shown with links to the recently modified pages.
Below are three different ways to hide ‘Recently Modified’ from quick launch

1. With Content Editor Web Part.

Add a Content Editor web part in the page and add the following CSS:

<style> .s4-recentchanges{ DISPLAY:none; } </style>

No need to modify the master page or anything in the SharePoint root folder


‘Recently Modified’ is hidden only when visiting the pages that contain the content editor webpart with the CSS. So this method requires manual work to add the webpart in every new page created.

2. Modify the master page.

  1. Create new master page (by copying the default master page)
  2. Set DISPLAY: none for .s4-recentchanges in the master mage
  3. Set the new master page to be the default master page.

One time job, so no need to hide from every new page.


‘Recently Modified’ will be hidden from every page in the site, not just wiki pages.

3. Modify wkpstd.aspx file in SharePoint root directory

  1. Open the following the file wkpstd.spx located in the SharePoint root directory ..14/TEMPLATE/document templates/wkpstd.aspx
  2. In ‘RecentChangesMenu’ control add visible=”false”.

    <SharePoint:RecentChangesMenu runat="server" id="RecentChanges" visible="false"/>
  3. Save the file

Will hide ‘Recently Modified’from all wiki pages in the farm and will not affect other pages


Modifying files in SharePoint root manually is NOT RECOMANDED. This option is listed here just to show that its possible to do it this way but you should consider option 1 and 2 first.


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